A foot for thought


Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS} has ended the Annual General Meeting (AGM} yesterday. The meeting started on 2nd and ended yesterday 4th, June 2021. During the opening remarks of the Executive Director of AMDISS Mr. Michael Dukusaid, this general meeting was supposed to be conducted in March this year, it was pushed to June because of Coronavirus Pandemic. Not only that last year had AMDISS also failed to conduct the same meeting due to Coronavirus Pandemic. When Government announced lockdown, it was not allowed for people to gather in one place for meetings or any other event. Not only AMDISS activities but there were a lotof activities in the world were stopped because of COVID-19 Pandemic.

However, during the report of the Executive Director and Executive members of AMDISS, it was found that there were a lot of challenges facing AMDISS, some of which were the challenges of media houses that are members of AMDISS. For example the issues of journalists been arrested, harassed, intimidated and detained in the process of doing work. Especially when they are covering stories connected with corruption in the country.

They are been denied access to information and lack of conducive working environment.  In regards with media laws in the country, it was found that majority of journalists are aware about the media laws but it was not been implemented as expected to give their rights. Therefore, participants came out with some resolutions that, there would be good relationships with others institutions that working for the faire well of journalists in the country. AMDISS should continue dialogue with other stakeholders to maintain and resolve challenges facing media houses and journalists in various places.

The acting Principals of Media Development Institution (MDI} Mrs.  Ayaa Irene was conformed to be full administrator of the MDI. It was also resolved that the constitution of AMDISS board should be reviewed in order to avoid misunderstanding of law and to follow the right procedures.

Thus, there were so many resolutions were made up to improve activities of AMDISS in the coming years.These were demands of the members of the executive committee to implement as priorities in their programmes.There were a lot of issues mentioned to improve media development in the country.  The documents prepared for this AGM had made good history in AMDISS.The election was done ina peaceful manner with seven members in the executive committee of the board.

Those members who worked for two terms majority of them were elected to complete their term in the coming AGM.

The current Chairperson has been acting in the position of the Chairperson but the law allowed her to contest for the second time. Many advices were said by partners and Media Authority representativeSapanaAbui to improve the work of media in South Sudan.

May God bless us all.

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