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Ambassadors’ week

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Ambassadors’ week referred to the week that an Ambassador visited Juba Monitor. This heading was created when three Ambassadors visited Juba Monitor within a period of one week and it continued for the rest of the months. Any Ambassador who has visited Juba Monitor, he or she will have to be recorded under this title.

Yesterday, the Ethiopian Ambassador to South Sudan Nebil Mahdi Abdullahi visited Juba Monitor.He said the purpose of visit was to appreciate Juba Monitor with the quality information it provides to the people of this country.

He continued to say that he had been reading Juba Monitor for the rest of six months since he came to South Sudan. He was happy with the work the newspaper was doing for not being bias in reporting about the crisis in Ethiopia like other media houses are doing in the world.

Regarding bilateral relationship between the two countries, he said he would continue maintaining it as there was already history made by those leaders some years ago.  He wants to make legacy in South Sudan, so that he will be remembered like other Ambassadors who left good names. He said the federal system they had in the country was based on ethnic groups which is bad.He advised South Sudan leaders not to do the same because it is in traditional ways. Rather to apply federal system that unites all people in the country. He further said that Africa countries should learn from Ethiopian with the ruling system they have currently.

However, he also advised African leaders to solve their problems as Africans for the reason that they know themselves better in terms of leadership style and others. Ambassador Abdullahi was positive in his assignment to South Sudan and would continue supporting people of South Sudan as there were numbers of students sent last month to study in various Universities in Addis Ababa.

For the development of media, he said he would support but still planning together with the government on the support they would provide.  He said he had good relationship with Media houses and hopes to promote them for better services. It was good discussion with Ambassador Abdullahi expecting others to build good relationship with media houses in the country.

The relationship Ethiopia has began during the time of united Sudan. The Ethiopian government had supported peace in Sudan as well as in South Sudan.  The type of relationship the two sisterly countries have are unique that is why Ambassador Abdullahi wants to maintain it.

May God bless us all.

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