Amadi state parliament demands salary rise

By Lexsion John Taban

The Amadi State Legislative Assembly is demanding for a new salary structure for all government employees before they pass the 2017/2018 budget.

Alfred Abisia, the Chairperson for Public Account and Expenditure said the parliament also needs explanation on how the previous year’s 69 million SSP state budget had been spent.

“Despite all these, there has been no development in the state and so the parliament wants to know the expenditure of the year 2015 and 2016 before they can approve the new budget,” Abisia said.

He continued that salary structure and promotion of the civil servants are among the conditions set for the state government to implement first before the parliament could look at the 2017/2018 budget.

Abisia reiterated that the current salary structure cannot do anything due to the inflation in the market, “When I was executive director before 2005 there used to be policy of promotion, but since 2008 up to now there has been no promotion and the salary structure remained static”.

The lawmaker said the appointment of the right person in wrong place, and wrong person in right place, are the major issues hindering development in the country.

He further said the duty of any government is to provide services to its citizens but not to misuse public fund, saying although ministries are allocated full budget every year some of them end up misusing the fund due to lack of policy to implement.

“For instance, the state ministry of education was allocated   20,000,000 SSP in the previous year’s budget, but it has done nothing in terms of learning improvement,” Abisia said.

“If you can ask state government about what the ministries have done with the budget of the 69,000,000 SSP, you will not get any answer,” he added.

The Chairperson of Public Account and Expenditure reiterated that the lawmakers want to see new salary structure and promotion be implemented before they approve a new budget.

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