Amadi State Minister’s bag grabbed in Juba

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

The Amadi State Minister of General Education’s bag was grabbed by Juba’s motorbike-crazed criminals commonly known as ‘toronto’.

Joseph Sebit Diyeli, the Amadi Minister of General Education was in Juba for more than a week under medication.

On Saturday morning Diyeli was in his way to hospital to see the doctor before the pair on a speedy motorbike piled more misery by snatching his belonging.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Diyeli said his bag was grabbed when he was from his home going to the hospital between Gudele one and Gudele two around Pity Oil main road.

He said in the states they are not seeing anything of such kind saying it is bad act that needs to be stopped by the authorities in Juba.

 “It was yesterday in morning hours between 10 and 11am, I was from my home going to the hospital and holding my bag in my hand just around Pity Oil along the main road.

“By then I was thinking of getting boda-boda but before that two men appeared from nowhere and grabbed my bag and ran away with it” Diyeli narrated.

He said to make matter worse; it is like everyone is happy about those boys because what happened to him was really something that could have been rescued before the criminal’s safe escape.

 The Minister said when they were struggling with the boys many people were there but no one is coming to help him until those people took his bag. “Even when they were running all people were looking at those men.”

“In the bag I had most of my documents, containing my three identity cards (IDs) including Nationality ID, Ministers ID and Diplomatic Passport plus some money,” he said.

However, Diyeli called on any one who found his document damped on road or anywhere to report to nearest police station or can take to Amadi coordination office.

 “I think organized forces need to do much in controlling the so-called toronto boys, these boys are causing insecurity in the city and if it is not controlled now it will develop into something big in future, by then the government will find it difficult to control.”

Diyeli said he struggled for some minutes with the men but everyone was watching at them, not even one person thought of going to help until they took off his bag.

According to Diyeli such behavior should not be tolerated in the country adding that it will be very important for the government to punish those groups involving themselves in such an act.

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