Always reconcile quarrelsome neighbors

By Malek Arol Dhieu

Sudan gave it to us and we in turn gave it to Sudan; draw. The Republic of Sudan under the leadership of the then Omer Hassen Al Bashir tried its level best to make sure peace came to South Sudan as it does today, but shortly before the formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity, Sudan began sickening for a political illness until it went for life support resulting to the ousting of H.E Omer Bashir, but the support did not end there, the Sudanese Military Council formed to pave a way for unified government kept the torch alive until the present status of the Republic of South Sudan.

Among the countries that muchly and honestly helped South Sudan achieve peace are Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and Uganda, and why Arab countries were many in peace process and not East African countries to which South Sudan is part of, should not be an unanswerable question as Sudan and South Sudan relation is like Old and New testaments’ relation. The Old Testament contains the creation and prophecies of the coming of Jesus Christ meanwhile the New Testament fulfills and gets its roots from the Old Testament, like the Sudan contains histories and words of the colonialists about the independence of South Sudan and South Sudan fulfills and gets its origin from Sudan. Besides, the fact that the two countries were initially one but became separated for administrative reasons remains an undeniable truth for South Sudan and Sudan to stand firm on one another.

Other side dishes of this very truth are bondage, motherhood, mentorship, blood relation and more importantly shared systems that do not allow the two countries to part. Omer Hassen Al Bashir should never be forgotten for allowing South Sudan become independent because he had all it took to interrupt elections for referendum, but both God and how our president handled him touched his heart to ignore the success of the then Southern Sudan. The peace agreement which was signed a day ago between the transitional Government of Sudan and Sudanese Revolutionary Movements closely looks like the peace agreement that was signed between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in government and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition plus other political parties with other parties unsolicited for, exactly like South Sudan did, but despite their being left away, the parties signatory to the agreement swear by God not to go back to the bush again. This same thing is expected to happen in Sudan, making other unsigned parties to resort to signing peace as the only way to unity government. I wish the compromissorial agreement being followed by South Sudan warring parties should be adopted by Sudan together with perception that peace is all about forgiveness, acceptance and restoration of lost unity and trust not only for leaders but also for the citizens of the country. The prominence of Ethiopia in mediating and hosting peace processes can never be told, it has really shown the continent and the world that it still maintains its strength that made it not colonized, it has been a peace-signing ground for a number of African countries.

Having said that, I have a dream that in near coming years, all African countries not at wars will join their tremendous efforts to bring to peace the countries at wars, and by doing so, Africa will be nearing to get united in to one strong state with one government, one president and one currency.

Despite different colonialists, African countries could never mind their loyalties to them and come together as one state to paralyze the belief that the Western world uses an African country to weaken another African country or divides one country to fight itself if its interests are not met.

With oneness, Africa will always defeat them and African leaders will advise themselves to abandon their being like sheep, they don’t escape without seeing their predator, and once a predator is seen, it never ceases chasing. The spirit of neighborhood is very important in Biblical point of view, that’s why it won, together with the other nine Commandments, the trust of God to have been included one as of the Ten Commandments that love your neighbor as you love yourself.

It may or may not be your real neighbor but a person next to you, always reconcile quarreled neighbors so that when you quarrel, they’ll in turn do the same. As the article concludes, much appreciation to Tut Gatluak Manime, the Chairperson of Sudanese Mediation Talks and Dr. Dhieu Mathok, the Spokesperson, for peaceful mediations and overloading they accepted since they’ve other national duties to carry out.

Lastly, an appreciation to H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit for paying back a debt of Sudan by hosting warring parties like it hosted our warring parties a year or so back.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba. He can be reached at ourbankiscow@yahoo.com or +211922332811.        

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