Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

I have taken it upon myself to drum home the reality and the truth that the coronavirus pandemic is real and killing. People should not take it for granted. The truth of the matter is that last Friday the Ministry of Health in their daily report on COVID-19 told the country that “in the last 24 hours three people had died while 248 tested positive” Going by daily report from the ministry, there are all indications that the pandemic was spreading at an alarming rate and speed. But some people have not swallowed this bitter truth or pill. They have ignored in totality the preventive measures placed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry. Is it really difficult to observe these preventive measures? Just washing hands, avoiding crowded joints, social distancing and sanitizing. It is for one to keep the environment around them clean and habitable at all time. Cases of health workers contracting the virus in line of their duties have been very high that should not be ignored since their work is that of interacting with the sick to save life. It is not surprising that even some of those heading the global fight against the Covid-19 through WHO and other health institutions have fallen victims of the deadly coronavirus. We should therefore not take it lightly and must inform the public of the danger this strange thing called coronavirus poses to them. It does not spare anyone even those with all resources and power around the world, medics have died just like other ordinary people while they are in the position to detect and determine the best way out possible. It is more than one year since the global outbreak and there has not been a single vaccine approved 100 percent that can prevent the Covid-19. What we have been treated to are clinical trials which are yet to be proved 100 percent effective. The manufacturers have told the world how effective the vaccines are but that is how far they have gone. Where the trials have been carried out are yet to tell the world their effectiveness on human beings and how fast these vaccines act against the virus. This is why all of us must remain on guard and apply thenecessary preventive measures. The government is taking the matter seriously and deployed security agents even in prayer venues without selection to control and prevent people against crowding and manage to keep social distance. This should not be translated to mean a different thing as it is for the good of the entire population and the country. Until we are consoled with assurance of the availability of the right vaccine, it is important that we just operate within the required preventive measures. Time will come when everything will be back to normal and socio-economic growth will be felt across the country. That time is yet to come but for now the fight against Covid-19 must remain our priority by only taking recommended measures.

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