Although truth can hurt, deception hurts more

By Malek Arol Dhieu

Imagine, if deception can lead to divorce at home, how can it be persevered by workmates and audiences who are brought together by professions and desire to listen respectively? There is no aspect of life where truth is not needed. It is needed in places of work and schools, as well as at homes.

That of churches cannot even be talked about because no mass is skipped without telling the truth being preached. However, there intruded some professions that encourage deception in a manner that the audiences are troubled to clap and nod while the deceivers vividly know they are lying. Politics is one profession whereas comedy is another. That of comedy is inconsiderable as one goes there only for funs but that of politics has bidirectional consequences, it erodes the truth and deprives one of what to say next.

If politics and truth accidentally find themselves in one saucer on fire, truth can never become cooked as a result of politics diluting the boiling concentration of truth. It has been one of the unmodifiable verses in the Bible that tell the truth so that the truth sets you free, but it is as if the whole world reads it as tell the lie so that the lie sets you free. Where in the Bible did God mistake to mention deception as a means to acquiring fame and followers? Everyone knows that truth can hurt but deception hurts more. Truth can hurt in such a way thatit renews the life of liars when they are told to tell the truth. It also teaches them openness which may take them some times to adopt as it says a doer of many years is hard to rectify. Truth hurts more in health profession that in any other profession as it is ethical for doctors to tell patients the truth. A patient suffering from HIV/AIDS once diagnosed should be told as earlier as that same day to start adhering to retrovirus drugs, but what contributes to rapid wasting is the truth that he/she is told he/she has the disease. A politician deficient of deceptive language is regarded inexperienced by the audiences because of the fewness of his/her words in line with truth-telling, but a politician awarded with medals of deception never leaves a stage without ululations and pledges to pay shortly. But once these pledges are followed up, it is as if it requires going to Addis Ababa for negotiations before they are released. It is as if what they do is an answer to why they are invited to attend ceremonies. Some of them are maiming their parties unknowingly because they pledge on behalf of them but later fail to fulfil the promise. Promising to pay a certain amount of money is far much better than promising an institution or a community as a whole to support. I do not know whether or not politicians are oriented about deception before joining the profession because even known truth-tellers in the communities become highly qualified in deception. One annoying thing about the audiences is that the same audiences being deceived are the same audiences accepting that though he/she deceives, he/she is our deceiver. The consequences of deception range from those gotten at homes to those gotten at workplaces. Deception by either a wife or husband leads to divorce meanwhile that by two friends in company leads to mistrust, disagreement and ultimately separation. I hold the view that a wound created by the truth heals faster without medical attention compared to that of deception which becomes chronic and deteriorates as time goes on. Let’s abandon deception and stick to telling the truth so that on the judgment day, you will be thrown at the edges of fire to burn halfway.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba. He can be reached at or +211922332811.

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