A foot for thought

All roads lead to Rainbow football playground

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday many people went to Rainbow football playground to attend preaching of Evangelist Gragelist Randy Robert who came to deliver the word of God to the people of South Sudan. According to the programme, it stated on 2nd and will end on 5th of this month. It was a great opportunity to the people of South Sudan to receive a word of God from a person who loves them. Nobody can come from far and preach a ward of God to the needy without love.

 It started with conference to Pastors, Priests, elders and other faith groups at Juba Christians Center (JCC} after that they matched to the football playground, where the event is taking place. The main objective was to listen to the word of God and change from sins people committed.

Sick people were expected to get healed through their faiths. If you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, you cannot get healing. It is your faith that heals you not Evangelist. People should understand it well. The preparation of this programme has started since in May this year and yesterday was the actual date for the event to kick off.

We thank God for the miracles that are going to happen within these three days. It was God who brought Evangelist Robert to come and discover what are taking place in the country. It is an opportunity to the people of South Sudan to begin prepare for Christmas with a word of God. The message is going to help them prepare well in this December 2021.

What is happening is God making not human beings,” if God says yes to the suffering of people, nobody can say no”

  Let people of South Sudan wash their hearts and begin new lives to end this year and begin the coming years 2022 with total peace.

What will be next after this event is to be looking in to it. Is the people of South Sudan going to change from the sins they had committed? If yes, what could be done to end fighting in the states? We need to come out with solutions that could allow us live in peace with a word of God by the prince of peace.

There were many Evangelists which came to South Sudan through different churches, but still we are not reforming from sins.

Let us not be salves to sins, rather to improve from what we are doing for the glory of God.

May God bless us all.

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