The decision taken by the SPLM-IO to send out non-security personnel from hotels in Juba is a positive step in the right direction but it should not be done selectively. It should apply to all those who are spending tax-payers earning in the name of accommodation in big hotels. It should not be pegged on the SPLM-IO alone but should apply to all other top civil servants being accommodated in these hotels at the expense of the common-man. There are some of these officers who have been in these hotels since the signing of the CPA and some since the attainment of independence. It was understandable then because they were coming to form and manage the affairs of the country at that time. Some of them have made the hotels and restaurants permanent residences where they live even with a large number of family members and where they turn these business premises into domestic havens or comfort zones. Just recently, the hotels demanded over ten million USD they spent in servicing some officials. These restaurants and hotels operate on expectation of profit which enable them employ mostly locals who equally cater for their families. If the outstanding arrears remain un-settled, then a number of dependents stand to suffer. Some of these people have their own houses and buildings in parts of the city and state towns. Why can’t they occupy them and reduce government spending. There must be an order to have those staying in hotels vacate and occupy their own houses or rent outside where they can be accountable for themselves instead of getting ready made services. Time has come that all those entrusted with the management of the affairs of the country in whatever capacity must live to the expectation of the general public who are their masters not their servants. They must remain accessible but not in big hotels.

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