The Rumbek Court has done this country proud by sentencing two men, actually, poachers to 14 years in prison. Poachers the world-over are destructors and destroyers of natural beauty which in itself is revenue earner through tourism. The wild animals being destroyed are resources which can be used to raise revenue if properly managed and protected. The sector in some country is heavily guarded and left to no chance for the intruders. That Rumbek has meted a deterrent judgment as dictated by the book should be followed by others who are in key position to protect the future of the wildlife in the country.  Apart from revenue earning, the animals being killed face extinction in other parts of the world and to preserve them would be one of the opportunity to maintain history for the future generation. Poaching like other crimes takes the country back and there is no justification that these animals are being killed for domestic use. The law is clear those found poaching or killing wild animals without proper reason or authority should not be spared for their crime. The law should be respected and not applied selectively. There have been cases of destruction of natural resources but little action has been taken against the culprits. Some of the cases are done by the same officers of the law who are mandated to protect the animals. These officers if found to be involved should be properly stripped off of their uniform. It is an abuse of office and inappropriate to remain in the position after committing a national crime against the wildlife. One who protects and is the custodian of the law should not be the same, one who breaches the same under his/her jurisdiction. This tantamounts to betrayal of trust given by the appointing authority to protect wild animals.

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