All have equal rights and duties

By Akol Arop Akol

Despite being in conflict for long, South Sudanese together with their foreign investors didn’t stop running their businesses and developmental activities, this is not only that they need to benefit from what they do but to contribute to the progress of the country.

Many things were being said for peace but there were little actions taken for development. Indeed war does not mean people should stop working or otherwise they will face poverty and illiteracy.

Education does not also wait. Children must be kept in schools and grown people continue their businesses.

The hardworking people and institutions are evidencing it to the world that South Sudan is not a warzone or land of suffering, but a country which people dreamed of, claimed many lives and has a future that it will be great and peaceful.

These people are working day and night though facing economic crisis and insecurity. Traders find it hard to import and export their goods due to rough roads and criminal ambushes where they are robbed.

The government also has challenges in delivering services to the people. It is focusing on bringing peace such that everyone would be free to do his or her own business in a peaceful environment to earn a living but the disagreements that happen between the parties in the peace deal adds more suffering.

The conflict has become daily issue and it has reached to the cattle keepers and the youth in the grassroots communities.

These challenges are preventing the leaders concerned to do their duties. It has even become a chance and an excuse why the lazy and greedy leaders become irresponsible for their people they are supposed to lead and serve.

They are sitting in offices in Juba and people in the other states are wondering what is going on in the capital.

They feel like being forgotten but who will speak for their right when their leaders have wildly changed? Instead of being served, they are the marginalized group because they are mobilized to fight for big people’s interests.

Government is like a father and mother to the civilians. It is responsible to protect and provide everything to its people.

The schools should be built and equipped with learning facilities and strong teachers to transform the children as a way to raise a prosperous and visionary generation that will salvage the country from illiteracy and poverty.

It is only these children we see homeless and pleading for survival that will one day become leaders we dreamed of because God is protecting and blessing them, turning the pain into gain, sorrow into joy, poverty into wealth not only in their own families but the whole country.

It is a wish every good hearted person to think of the future of South Sudan. If one needs it to be the happiest and safest country, he or she has to do a certain part.

People think working with the Government is when and where you start work for the people or the country. It is poorly understood.

This is why everyone thinks nothing concerns him/her apart from dressing themselves, filling the stomachs and get sofa beds to sleep comfortably not thinking of fellow citizens.

There is no one meant to build the country and help the poor alone. It is our collective obligation as businesspeople, NGO workers, Investors, youth, elders, church and political leaders to understand and cooperate among ourselves to build a kind of South Sudan we want our children to enjoy in and remember us forever for the good deeds we have done.

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