All governors reject Mabuza’s arbitration deal

By: Kitab A Unango

All governors of 32 states and Abyei Administrative Area have rejected David Mabuza’s recent proposal for an arbitration to resolve states’ stalemate.

Mabuza in his capacity as South Africa Special Envoy to South Sudan last month proposed an arbitration as a final bid to resolve states’ issue following failure of parties to agree on the matter.

President Salva Kiir and his likes maintain their position of 32 states while opposition groups demanded for revocation to 10 or 21 or 22 plus Abyei Administration Area.

However, in their meeting chaired by President Kiir yesterday, all governors said the process for creation of the 32 states under went series of legal procedures which made the 32 states a popular demand of people of South Sudan.

Speaking on behalf of the 32 governors, Africano Mode, governor of Maridi said there was no need for arbitration and people of South Sudan should be consulted over the matter.

‘When the 32 states were created as a result of popular demand by the people of the Republic of South Sudan, the creation of states were tabled to the national parliament which was passed and the creation of states was also tabled to the Council of States and it was passed and it was also tabled by State Parliament and it was passed.”

“That implies that the states are now owned by the people of Republic of South Sudan, now if there are people who should be consulted in regards to the number of states and their boundaries, it is the people of the Republic of South Sudan,” he said.

He pointed out that provisions of the Revitalized Peace Agreement in regard to resolving deadlock over number of States and their Boundaries were clear and should be turned to to end the matter

“But at the same time we noted the fact that there were already voices bringing up the issue of arbitration in regards to the issue of number of states and their boundaries and we very well know that we do not have outside the Revitalized Peace Agreement document that was signed which provided provisions and mechanisms for solving the issue of the states.

“The fact that there are mechanisms that have consulted with the people of various states and their views have already been provided, we believe that there is no any need to go for arbitration because of the fact there are legal complications,” he said.

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