Editorial 18th July 2018

A new proposal has been set for adoption and inking today by the warring parties’ delegations meeting in Khartoum, Sudan. In the past two or so weeks there have been proposals against proposals without reaching any agreement. It is time this prevailed among the warring leaders and their delegation. The country is at a standstill waiting and watching if it is going to be salvaged from this situation which has gone on long too far. Five years of uncertainty, teeth grinding and hide and seek run from the known and unknown assailants have had too much taking for the common-man. Let reasons prevail and have this chapter closed permanently behind the differing population by simply agreeing and signing the proposals harmonized for the well-being of all inclusively. Delegates globe-trotting in search for peace should be something of the past, instead, they should take the lead in initiating immediate short and long term development activities aimed at cushioning the troubled heart of the majority whose priorities in their back-yards rotates only on peaceful co-existence. They deserve it and they should be given this without any iota of doubt in anybody’s mind. Please is the word from the heart coming out of the mouth of all South Sudanese asking the delegates passionately to come home with lasting peace. Let us address other issues at home when peace is there and when we can all sit around the table to. With such heart rendering cry of the people once again let reasons surpass all other requirements by individuals or groups and let those in Khartoum go for one thing, PEACE. There is no magic word like peace and forgiveness. There is no magic word like sorry. The country is waiting for this moment. Yes waiting to be told that all can now go back and start their lives without thinking of the next neighbor as the unknown gun-man.

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