Reports from China where the outbreak of coronavirus originated is clear that the virus is killing people and those with will and ability are moving their citizens outside that country. It is the fear that has gripped the world and cannot be underrated or doubted. It is a fact which must be faced as it has come. This is why while, within the diplomatic circles both in Juba and Beijing assurance are being given that South Sudanese in China are safe, the authorities still needs to do more and ensure that these citizens in fare land are safe and taken care of at this time of need. Let relatives of those in China have the facts as it is on the ground because they deserve it. A number of suggestions have been made with some demanding total ban on passengers’ movements and goods which might not be a permanent or a lasting solution to the current situation which is threatening the whole world. Whatever, the disease or virus is, the government should take the lead in protecting the interests of those who have found themselves in this situation. China is miles away and the success of keeping those in that country safe until they are back home will depend on how the two countries and the World Health Organization (WHO) will handle the matter which is at their door-step. Right now there must be vigil at all entry points and proper and recommended screening of those coming and going out. WHO has declared coronavirus a global disaster which must be fought and contained before spreading to countries which are venerable and which do not have capacity to contain the spread of this deadly outbreak.  The world’s attention is now focused on how to contain the spread of the virus described as a killer machine. The authority should handle the same with the high alert and attention it deserves.

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