All businesses to be registered


Ayii Duang Ayii (left) during the press conference

By Jale Richard

All national and foreign businesses in the country will be registered with the South Sudan Business and Employers Federation in order to regulate business activities in the country.

The President of South Sudan Business and Employers Federation (SSBEF), Ayii Duang Ayii said yesterday that the Economic and Finance Committee in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly has given them the authority to regulate the business community in the country.

“All business entities in Juba and in all the states are required to register with the federation to acquire a membership certificate and identity card to allow them import goods directly from factories,” Ayii said.

Foreigners will pay USD 100 for the membership certificate and identity cards, while nationals will pay SSP 75,000 for the certificate.

Mr. Ayii said if the 2012 Cooperation Agreement signed between South Sudan and Sudan is implemented, the members of the South Sudan Business and Employers Federation will be allowed to import goods directly from factories in Sudan.

However, he said it was the responsibility of the two governments to implement the Cooperation Agreements.

Mr. Ayii added that they were also in talks to strike deals with other neighboring countries such as Uganda, Kenya for trade.

“If we can bring the goods directly from the factories, the prices will be low because we don’t encounter a lot of expenses in bringing the goods,” Ayii said. “It will also attract revenues for government as customs collection will be done here in South Sudan,” he added.

According to Ayii, quality of products will also be regulated if all the companies were registered.

“If the goods brought directly from the factories, fake goods will not enter the country,” he said.

He said only businesses registered with the South Sudan Business and Employers’ Federation will benefit from the trade agreements with the neighboring countries.

Mr. Ayii urged all the company owners to register their business entities so as to benefit from the organization.

He said the federation will have the power to easily regulate the price fluctuation in the country.

According to a letter from the Committee on Finance and Economic Planning in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly seen by the Juba Monitor, all the state governments have been directed to allow the SSBEF to collect registration fees from the business communities in their states.

Similar letters have been written to the states from the Ministries of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, and Ministry of Transport.















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