A crime white or black is a crime and should not be allowed to happen anywhere if it can be avoided. There are people who abuses hospitality of others by engaging in criminal activities not knowing that their days are numbered. A Kenyan lady has been conning people under the pretext of promoting activities within an NGO set up. She has used the well-intended hospitality to fleece unsuspecting innocent business community and the public. How much, is not yet in the public domain but runs into thousands if not millions. She has abused that trust which had been bestowed on her by the kind heart of this country. She has damaged and smeared mud on her country and people’s integrity. It is coming out that there are few rotten eggs among those working hard Kenyans who only want to earn a honest living and promote good relationship with their brothers and sisters in this country. That there are already warrant of arrest by both Kenya and South Sudan authorities, the culprit must be brought to book to answer criminal charges. This lady’s act and deed is not any far away from even some locals who have sneaked to the neighbouring countries with imagined and created non-existence claims against their own country. They are enjoying their masters’ pocket with the same imagined and created stories meant to tarnish the name of this country. They fall in the bracket of conmen and criminals because they cannot stand or support their intentions. They are bad and cannot be relied on in promoting unity among neighbours. Time has come that all these people should be treated equally and be brought to answer some charges of their imagined allegations. There must be a clear way to vet and allow only people with clean and proper backgrounds to live and operate  in whichever country in the region. There have been a number of cases committed by few but which ends up damaging the whole nation.

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