Alek Wek, a great inspiration to upcoming models

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudanese international model still remains a great inspiration to the upcoming models and fashion designers in the country.

The story of Alek Wek is one of the most touching stories that could make every young South Sudanese model to believe in themselves that one day, they too could make great accomplishments.

From nothing to something, Alek Wek is currently paid huge amount of money to feature on world magazines and be the face of amazing brands in the world.

Lino Ajok is one of the hundreds young models inspired by Alek Wek and in her own words she recalled how the stories of Alek made her strong.

“I have read the storylines of Alek Wek, so motivational and inspiring, it makes me work hard day and night to be like her or even better,” said Lino.

But Wilma Francis said, every time she watches Alek Wek on International TV shows, she smiles and says the sky is the limit.

Being a big fan of Alek, Wilma is appealing to different stakeholders to build the platform for majority South Sudanese to join modelling.

“Through modelling, a young lady expresses herself and shows the world that she is strong, determined and ready to make South Sudan great but this can come to pass if the young girls are supported,” said Wilma.

Standing on the international runways and wearing the world’s brands is the dream of every model in South Sudan. Though the modelling industry is still growing, majority see themselves making it soon.

Adut Veronica, a student at Kampala University in Juba said if they were given the chance, a lot of South Sudanese models would shine on the international stage.

Drawing example of Alek Wek, Adut believes that Alek’s parents believed in their daughter and gave her the chance.

“The future all lies on the hands of our parents, guardians and caretakers, they have to believe in us and give the space we need,” Adut said.

Bang Zee, a South Sudanese model who is based in Kampala City in Uganda, revealed that great personalities like Alek Wek should once a while come back home and hold seminars for young models.

“Yes, many models want to be like Alek Wek, which is great but I believe that the closer great personalities drawn to their people, the greater the impact,” Bang Zee said

South Sudanese are blessed with the height, the color and the waist that are admirable but for their dreams to come true, support should be rendered.

Currently models in the country are paid peanuts for gigs around Juba, but if their pay rises, they would be able to invest in themselves.

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