Al-Jazeera trains South Sudan sports journalists

Participants during the launch of the training at Juba Land Mark hotel yesterday

(Photo: David Mono Danga)

By David Mono Danga

The Aljazeera Media Institute has kicked off five-day training for sports journalists in the country.

The training organized the country’s football governing body South Sudan Football Association(SSFA)brought together about 30 Sports Journalists across the country.

Speaking during the launch of the training in Juba yesterday, the President of South Sudan Football Association, Francis Amin Michael said the training was necessary because journalists contribute about 40 percent to the development of sports in the country.

He said the training would improve reporting of football in the country.

“There are a lot of talents in South Sudan but all journalists have to work hard to develop football in the country,” Amin said.

He added that the Association decided to conduct this training to help equip reporters with the necessary skills required to report sports accurately.

“Our journalists most of the time do not have the opportunity to go and report sports activities outside the country. But the SSFA wants to give journalists that opportunity,” Amin promised.

He said by 2021 the Association would have trained the country’s sports journalists on various sports disciplines do.

Raed Abed, a Media Trainer from Al Jazeera Media Institute said to report sports accurately and transparently, journalists must have undergone media trainings like this one.

“Journalists should be qualified to report sports transparently,” Abed said during his presentation.

He noted that most of the time sports journalists are not considered serious but advised the participants to always investigate and give accurate reports to make their stories appealing.

Abed added that the role of a journalist is to put him/herself in the tough situation of digging deep to find the truth especially while reporting corruption in sports.

He advised the journalists to have and maintain a good relationship with their sources to build trust and transparency.

“Always keep the good relationship active. Check on your sources by showing up to greet them anytime even if you are not covering an event,” Abed advised.

He urged the journalists to embrace Social Media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep their followers updated with latest developments on daily basis.

One of the participants, Emmanuel Laku Patrick said this training would improve his sports reporting and editorial skills.

Mary Poni said as young as she is the training would equip her with the basic skills required to report sports accurately and transparently. She expects to assess the impact the training would have in her by telling “the difference between what I have been writing and what the trainer advises journalists to do.”

“I feel this training will take me to another level. It will make a big difference from where I have been before and after this,” Poni said.

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