Al Hilal FC-Juba 4-0 Nasir FC-Yei-South Sudan Cup

By David Mono Danga

Al Hilal FC of Juba thrashed Nasir FC by four goals to nil in the quarter finals of the South Sudan champions Cup. The match was played On Saturday at Juba National Stadium.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Team Captain of Al Hilal FC, Samuel Tombe said he was pleased with the final result of the match because it builds on their confidence for the Semi Finals. (Tombe spoke in Simple Arabic)

“The match has been good and I am very…very happy with the results, we were confident that we were going to win against Nasir FC (Yei). This result is good for the confidence of our team for the next match, the semi finals,” Captain Tombe said.

He said the first half was tough but they were able to go forward and create more chances in the second half, leading to the three goals scored in the second half. Tombe also thanked the fans of Al Hilal FC who turned up to support the team and urged them (fans) to do the same in the upcoming matches, saying the fans give them moral to perform better each time.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Coach of Nasir FC, Dada Martin said the team lost because most of the senior players were displaced by the conflict in Yei River state, saying they came with the second squad instead of the first.

“Most of the senior players are in refugee camps in Uganda that is why the performance of the team was very poor.”

“We have only two or three senior players in the squad, the rest are second squad team,” Dada said.

Dada also said some of the players were intimidated with the quality of players in Al Hilal team, saying some of the players being in the national team posed a threat to Nasir FC.

One of the Nasir FC fans, Ayuku said he was not so disappointed with the result because the aim of this year’s team is football for peace and togetherness.

“We need to love each other in spite of the results of the game, we are playing for peace and togetherness,” Ayuku said yesterday. He also noted that most of the players are not used to playing on grass football pitches as compared to the maram pitch at the Freedom Square, Yei.

However, the Chairman of Yei Local Football Association, John James Wani, also known as Amar said the defeat should not be blamed on the type of the playing ground, saying other teams from Yei came to Juba and performed well. He said the blame should be put on the conflict that displaced people in Yei, including some of the best players.

“People should not say players are not used to the football pitch because some teams from Yei. Especially Yei Central came to Juba and performed very well in this same playing ground. They even won the MTN cup here in Juba,” Chairman Wan told Juba Monitor on Saturday.

He also urged players to always implement whatever tactics the coaches give them, saying he congratulates both teams for the discipline maintained the match.

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