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Al-Gaid, Islamic Council donates Ramadan food to the needy

Bags of Ramadan food distributed to beneficiaries sitting under shelter

By William Madouk Garang

A Sudanese charity organization – Al-Gaid Foundation together with South Sudan Islamic Council (SSIC) on Saturday donatedRamadan meals to Muslims who are unable to break the fast with their families and non-Muslims brawling to make ends meet.

According to High Committee for Ramadan 2022/1443, two thousand and one hundred households are set to get food andthe targeted group are orphans, widows, elders, Imams, Khilwas or Islamic schools among others.

Total settled donation amounts to 100,000 Dollars,and each household receives a bag weighing 440 Kg containing rice, flour, cooking oil, dates, bean, salt and lentils among others to needy Muslims in the country.

Deputy Secretary-General of SSIC who is also Chairman of High Committee for Ramadan, Jar-Alnebi Khamis said soon they will travel to Mangala and Terekeka for more donations.

“We want to build trust between SSIC and humanitarian organizations to bring more support and donations to our people in South Sudan,” Khamis noted.

“Today we have started by distributing to about 300 families as a launching and from there we’ll continue with the distribution to those families that are outside the city,” he added.

Al-Gaid representative, AlsadigFjalnour said the donation was the emblem of benevolent aid to their brothers and sisters in sisterly country of South Sudan.

“I think the existence of humankind in the face of earth is to help and assist one another and Ramadan food basket is a reward to whoever helps break the fast of fasting persons,” he lauded.

Secretary-General of SSIC, SheikhAbdulahBarachsaid he knows challenges that face poor people,citing that he hailsfrom a poor family, and his academic journey started in religious institutions.

“I know how it feels when you fast and sleep with empty stomach because you don’t have something to break the fast, I know it happens to me as well,” Sheikh Barach explained.

Sheikh Barach also said: “Whoever helps break the fast of a fasting person, he’ll have the same reward as him without decreasing anything from the reward of the fasting person,”

Abdulaziz Kamal, one of the beneficiaries expressed his happiness citing that the small portion of food he got will help him break his fast in coming days and God is Great (Allah Karim).

Khaldia Osman said “I am very pleased because I was lucky to get a Ramadan fasting bag and I can say Ramadan Kerim to you,”

Ms. Osman stated that“I want to extend my appreciation to SSIC and Al-Gaid Foundation for their donations, this means a lot to us,”

Khadija Yusuf said“I want to give thanks to an organization that provided us with the Ramadan food basket, may Allah bless this food. I hope next near they will give us more,”

RodaDawoud,who is also an orphan and living in one of Khilwawith a joy written over her face said “This food will help us a lot in fasting, we are orphans and this is our mother who is taking care of us,”

“To Al-GaidFoundation,may God bless you more and with small food we have got,we can break Ramadan fast,” she concluded.

Al-Gaid Foundation is a charitable organization that focuses on delivering relief services to the Muslim community all over Sudan and South Sudan, especially those fasting in Ramadan month. 

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