Akobo authorities organize reconciliations

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Authorities in Akobo county of Jonglei State yesterday held truths and reconciliation meetings to end the tension between the two sub clans after last week clashes which claimed the life of 10people including a woman caused by borrowed money which escalated into clans conflict.

 The truth and reconciliation aimed to promote peace and coexistence amongst the people of Akobo County.

Speaking to Media, Gatwich Rieth, the Commissioner of Akobo County said that the separate several meetings had been held to identify the effective common ground approach to the clans which fought onto one table to stay in peace and harmony like they were.

“We held the meeting, but still the local authorities said that only one meeting remains for two clans to come to one table for truth and reconciliation. Akobo County is normal although no arrest has been made so far.But the process of investigation is still underway in tracing the people who have been charge of the killing,” said Gatwich.

He added that the security situation generally in Akobo County regarding the communal fight which took place was relevantly calms citing they conducted separate meetings to reconciliation the clans which had fought that led to loss of lives.

The commissioner of Akobo called on the people to embraces peace and coexistence so that the development of the county and commercial activities could proceed.

Last week, the authorities of Akobo Reported that 10 people were killed including a woman after the conflict triggered by borrowed money which escalated in sub-clans clashes as no arrests executed yet.

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