Ak Dan’s one man show this weekend

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudanese international Comedian aka Ak Dan’s son of Jambo is set to have his first ever one man’s show Notos Bar and Grill Juba on Sunday.

The Ugandan based comedian who is building the legacy under the Woke comedian has performed at various international comedy shows allover Africa but never had his own show.

The sky dread lock comedian who rose to fame from Kakuma Refugee settlement in Kenya told Juba Monitor that he is set to blaze the night with laughter’s.

“To my fans in Juba, I promise to make you laugh like you never did before,” said Ak Dans who is busy making preparation for his first ever show back home.

The one man’s show means a lot to Ak Dans who revealed that charity starts from home added that the experience in South Sudan has made him the man he is now.

“Being a South Sudanese is a blessing and it has motivated me to work even harder to disapprove the rest of the world who only know the negative side of this beauty mother land. South Sudan is not about war as many think, it is about peace, love, unity and togetherness,” said Ak Dans.

Ak Dan does his comic in English meaning that the one man’s show is an English standup comedy night.

Ak Dans is a famous name in Uganda comedy scene where he believed his comedy talent was natured from.


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