Ak Dans cracking ribs in Uganda

By Mandela Nelson Denis
South Sudan’s Stand Up comedian Ak Dans is continuing to crack ribs in Ugandan city of Kampala as he prepares for his own show scheduled for the 15th of November.
Ak Dan is one foreign comedian in Kampala who has grown a huge fans base after being supported by Ugandan comedians such as Emeka Collins, Richard Twangye, Daniel Omara and Anne Kansiime.
On the 2nd of November is such a bright day for Ak Dans as he will perform alongside Ugandan’s finest comedians in Design Hub, Kampala.
Speaking to Juba Monitor Ak Dans said that his fans should be expecting a night of laughter since his come back from South Africa a month ago.
“It has been long, I missed my fans, I have packaged wonderful comics that will keep them smiling all night long”, said Ak Dans.
Ak Dans also revealed to Juba Monitor about his upcoming comedy show dubbed “who left the jokes out” where each comedian that will feature shall do three minutes’ jokes.
Ak Dan’s who grew up in Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya has beaten all odds to become the best international comedian.
The standup comedian has performed in countries like Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Mozambique and back home South Sudan.

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