Ajang removed, accused of mismanagement

Members of South Sudan Civil Society Alliance Assembly have appointed Alokirr Malual Agur as a new temporary Chairperson until elections are conducted.

The newly elected chairperson said the country needs harmony, cooperation and peace.

Mrs. Agur called on the former chairperson to report back as an ordinary member of Civil Society Alliance until elections are conducted for new executives.

Mrs. Agur urged members of South Sudan Civil Society Alliance to work together in unity in building the voice of the voiceless in order to run the Civil Society Alliance effectively.

The former Chairperson Akuoch Ajang Nyanhom was called to attend a meeting five times but turned down all the invitations.

He was alleged to have threatened the members of the Civil Society Alliance.

He has been accused of miss using funds and mismanaging office property.

A member of South Sudan Civil Society Alliance John Agonk said Nyanhom was holding his work and making decisions without first consulting the members of the Civil Society Alliance.

He has also been accused of speaking as an individual but not as the voice of the voiceless people.

“You cannot use your power to strengthen us. Civil society is a mandate for the steering committee whereby we prepare for election, register membership, run daily activities of the Alliance and initiate coordination and cooperation among the civil society stakeholders,” he said.

“The former chairperson went mobilizing the media talking about peace building demonstration and Ajang was not paying salaries for the staff,” he said.

“They work on voluntary without pay and on top of that we are not appreciated and the money of the civil society is for him. We don’t know what comes in and what goes out. What we want to tell you is that this Civil Society Alliance is a public asset,” John said.

He urged the former chairperson to come back to work as a member.

“We give him the chance but civil is for the voiceless people not for individuals you don’t have power to neglect the voiceless people,” he said.

Esther Mandera, a member of the Civil Society Alliance also expressed her dissatisfaction adding that the Alliance represents the voice of the voiceless people.

“Sometimes the office of the Civil Society Alliance is not regular. Sometimes he is not event coming regularly to the office,” she said.

She said the Civil Society Alliance confirmed the replacement of the former chairperson because he was alleged to have misused office funds.

She accused Nyanhom of illegally extending his tenure of office.

She claimed that he was called to attend his replacement but he ended up closing the office and his phones.

She alleged Nyanhom was not even reachable on.

Attempts to reach Akuoch Ajang Nyanhom for comments were futile.

He was told to handover the office within a week’s time when we observed the danger on the future of the Civil Society Alliance as it emerged against its objectives and vision, thus prompted the general assembly to recall its previous resolution of 2014 giving  mandate to the steering committee to uphold the constitution of the Alliance with six months.

Whereas the general assembly confirmed all forms of violation of the constitution of the Alliance by the former chairperson, which is not limited to: misleading and incitement of civilians, corruption, misuse of funds of the organization, patronized over lack of transparent and accountability and entemendation of executive members.

By Rose Keji Benjamin

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