When civilians, those in remote areas without light and good roads, complain of insecurity, they are given deaf ears. Some months ago, a group of thieves broke into the shops at Jebel market and took a lot of money and other valuable assets.

That was not the first or the last theft, as long as the economic crisis continues to worsen without improvement, criminals will continue their activities which affect the stability of the country.

There are two major things to be given attention concerning such kinds of night robberies. The robbery could either be a negative impact of crisis (economic reasons) or for spying agenda. It can be assumed that the thieves are affected by the economy, maybe they are jobless. They are not given enough opportunities to work and earn a living. Such people (if they are youths) are stricken by hunger, this might force them to steal to survive.

The other reason could be that the thieves have connections with some people somewhere. No normal person or a stranger could just come from outside and manage to escape with airport equipment. There must be series of connections to attack the system, and take the kinds of things and information they want for spying purposes against the country. It sounds simple, but it is a big mess that will affect the government and the country now or in future since the thieves have managed to break in.

It is a question that “are civilians and their properties safe from the hands of those criminals?” If they break into a secured place with CCTV cameras, security personnel and a fence, what about the common citizens who have no security, are they safe? If it is a house that was looted then it would get much attention from the concerned institutions but as it happened at the planes compound, it attracts public attention now. Remember this is an international airport and anything happening there will be seen or heard by the Whole World. It is a big shame on people who do such acts, they lack patriotism for their country. This is why it could be for selfish agenda that are meant to create a bad image of South Sudan.

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