Airline denies benefiting from oil money illegally

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The management of South Supreme Airlines limited has denied the report that the Airline was benefiting from oil money after a report by the National Audit Chamber alleged that the Airlines was allocated $4 million USD for unknown reasons.

Last month,the Council of States released a report that Equity Bank has received several queries from the members of the public regarding the Audit Report by the National Audit Chamber that showed the bank received USD 4 Million from transfers of 2% and 3% of net oil revenue meant for the oil producing states and communities.

Speaking to the media over the weekend, the Chief Executive Officer for South Sudan Airlines Ayii Duang Ayii said the report of Audit committee against South Supreme was not true because the airlines have no connection with two percent of oil money.

“I want to clarify and assure all our stakeholders that the South supreme is not and has never been a beneficiary of oil takings or received any allocation from oil producing states or communities and we are not mandated by law to benefit from such proceeds.I would like to assuregeneral public that the Airlines is a regulated entity that respects and complies with all laws and applicable regulatory guidelines and is also committed to observe the highest standards of good corporate governance and through our mission, we are committed to offering integrated financial services that socially and economically empower consumers, businesses and communities,” Ayii said.

He added that the report of the Audit Committee claimed that South Supreme Airlines has taken oil money to unknown allocation was the cost of fuel and supplies to South Sudan People’s Defense Force (SSPDF) rotational in 2013 when Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs hired company to take soldiers in various divisions with his military equipment.

In a letter which was signed by Undersecretary Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs Lt. Gen Bior Ajang Duot on 20 October 2014 directedthe Ministry of Finance, Commerce, Investment and Economic Planning to pay 4,130,000 USD.

“Kindly pay the above mentioned amount to South Supreme Airlines, being unpaid balance of the cost of fuel and food supplies to soldiers,”

On date 2nd February 2016, Currency and Banking Operation Albino Dak Othow wrote letter to chief of Police Northern Police Division central Equatoria, Ministry of Interior regarding cheques No: 0210018560,0210018582 and 0210018581reference to letter No; 41/B/M3 dated 22 January 2016.

“I am pleased to provide the following information. Cheque No. 0210018581, amount of 518,576 EUROS, and cheque No: 0210018560 with amount of 1,800,000 USDwas sent back to Ministry of Finance for amendment and by the time the document was returned, the account was already insufficient. Cheque No: 0210018582 with amount of 959,562 EUROS, our balance with correspondent abroad was less than the requested amount (Insufficient),” Othow said.

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