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Aguer Tips Tonj Students on Importance of Education

By John Sylvester Timba

Former Governor of Jonglei State Philip Aguer has encouraged students from Tonj State to prioritize education.

He said education will enable the youth take a lead in nation building, peace and develop of the country.

“Students should take collective responsibility in promoting peace, nationalism and patriotism by bringing their elder brothers and sisters into education,” Aguer said.

He was speaking during a ceremony to welcome newly admitted students from Tonj in to the various universities and high institutions of learning.

The event, under the theme “Education key for peace and development,” was held at Nyakuron Cultural Center in Juba.

Aguer said students must have spirit of solidarity and comprehend the knowledge about the politics of liberation.

He urged students to engage in education and use the knowledge to transform what he termed “dirty politics.”

“When are the leader, the society will gather around you looking at your inventories and innovations in different field of knowledge and discovery, you will transform dirty politics into scientific discourse and peaceful approaches that shall replace violence, which is a product of ignorance,” Aguer said.

He said the country now needs nation building where the educated take lead in shaping the future of their country.

“Education and transformation of citizens is highly crucial and therefore we must use education to create quality citizenship that must critically understand what it means to be a citizen of South Sudan and not a citizen of my village, my clan, tribe,” Aguer added.


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