Agriculture, education should be prioritised

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry
Nzaar County commissioner of Gbudue state said education and agriculture should be given a priority for the citizens to become independent.
Moses Samson said it was through education and agriculture that the economy of the country would improve.
He made the remarks last Friday during the celebration of the International Women’s Day in Gbudue state.
Mr. Samson said the community should maintain peace among them and avoid use of hate speech against those who had rebelled against the government.
Chief of Ringasi Payam Nelson Edward Basi praised the youth of the area for being peaceful. However, he said lack of proper health service, access to clean water, school and telecommunication network were among the challenges facing them.
Mr. Basi appealed to the government to improve the education services in Ringasi for the community to have productive population.
Mary Gordon, a women representative said women in Ringasi payam needed livelihood training to support their families.
She added that women in Ringasi were facing a lot of challenges including lack of proper health care.

Samson warned men of Ringasi payam to end domestic violence against their wives.
Samson Ezekiel NdukpoBugua the team leader of the national Members of parliament who are currently disseminating peace agreement in Gbudue state, said women had done a lot for this country and they deserved proper treatment from men.
He urged the people of Gbudue state to live in peace and reconcile among them. “It is only through peace that the country can realize sustainable development and prosperity,” Bugua said.

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