Agriculture Bank to promote food security and nutrition

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Agricultural Bank of South Sudan (ABSS) has pledged to improve food security and nutrition in the country.

Rual Makuei Thiang, the Managing Director of ABSS said Comprehensive Agriculture Master Plan for food and nutrition security still remains their top priority despite lack of fund from the government.

“The development theme of food and nutrition security is a priority of the bank and we are looking forward and working hard on how it will be addressed during the early stages,” he said. 

He said that after resolving the current emergency food insecurity situation, they expect food and nutrition security to be achieved by agricultural development interventions.

“The agricultural development interventions will be aiming at improving the resilience of vulnerable populations,” Thiang stressed.

He said as most farmers participate in the market, the economy to some degree is expected to improve.

He said the increment in agricultural productivity will result to increase in household cash income, saying this would lead to resilience.

“In order to build an exemplary nation, a nation that is educated, prosperous, productive and innovative and healthy, we need to improve the food and nutrition security in the country,” Thiang said.

He reiterated the promotion of cash based economy and a rural agricultural labour market will significantly increase farmers’ options to generate income for asset development and investment.

He said according to economic growth and livelihood improvement development theme also focuses on supporting the subsistence farmers.

The Managing Director of ABSS said the agriculture sector transformation always add value to agricultural outputs including processed and unprocessed.

“Outputs will be competitive both in international and regional markets, while domestically allowing import substitution,” he explained.

He said capital accumulated in the agriculture sector often establish non-agricultural manufacturing and service sector businesses.

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