Agency launches trees planting project

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative (WPDI) yesterday launched trees planting project to safeguard biodiversity and protect the nature and to fight climate change in the country for the next ten years under the theme: “We must plant the seeds of hope, we must nurture the seeds of peace together it is possible”

Speaking to media yesterday, Central Equatoria State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement and Acting Minister of Youth, Moro Isaac Jenesio said that protecting environment is the best way for the people.

“Some weeks ago theNational Ministry of Environment and Forestry had launched100 million trees. The same  initiative was adopted by Central Equatoria State,” he said.

WPDI Country Representative Richard Hoffman said WPDI organization focuses on teaching the youth different skills for peace building, conflict resolution and business entrepreneurship.

“We are looking forward to build on the work we’ve done in South Sudan towards youth by giving them the resources they need to bring about transformational change such as peace and conflict resolution training which will be integrated into the curriculum for all participants. The objective is to develop awareness and leadership skills to enable them to serve as leaders in their respective communities.

At the same time, South Sudan National Youth Union (SSNYU) Chairperson Gola Boyoi Gola appreciated WPDI for helpful activities that the organization is providing to the youth to keep them engaged in the development of the country.

“As a Chairperson of National Youth Union’ I really appreciateWPDI for the valuable work it’s offering to the youth in the country,” Gola said.

At the same time, the Executive Director for Foundation of Democracy and Accountable Governance  (FDAG), Jamie David Kolok applauded the contributions of WPDI towards advancing the fundamental agenda of peace and reconciliation in South Sudan.

“I believe that this kind of platforms are very important, especially in engaging the young people  with the view of conserving the future of this country for the next ten years,” Kolok said.

Last month, South Sudan launched a 100-million trees planting project to mark a belated World Environment Day under the theme “Reimagine,  Recreate,  Restore, and its focal point is ecosystem restoration.”

The project will build the capacity of the government and communities to adopt efforts to combat climate change.

The new trees are intended to compensate for trees destroyed during the building of roads within the towns and those lost by illegal logging.

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