Against all adversity, Regina act of kindness triumphs

Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

By Gilo Jr. Okwata (Guest)

Many people have talked a great deal about the proverbial ‘Good Samaritan’ some have showered praises and paid solemn tributes to the great philanthropists of our time. Much deservedly, these people have shown to us that the hearts of humanity still beacon amidst the gloomy and hopeless nature of the world we live in today.  Despite the cruelty in this unfair world, there is always a magical hand outside there waiting to welcome home the downtrodden whose hope lies in the vagueness of an imaginary world. The story of Police officer, Regina Louren in Kapoeta county hosting girls fleeing forced marriages is a soul-searching moment for all of us.

How many people are living luxuriously while our streets are filled with people with empty-stomachs in search of left-over from dried bread? This woman has no mansion, she is just a sergeant in the police and you may guess her basic salary, 5 dollars a month, approximately 2,900 SSP, she lives in a tiny nearly-collapsing house roofed with worn-out plastic sheets as their shelter but she still manages to accommodate more than 200 fleeing girls without qualm. It is called a golden heart. She beats everybody hands down. I am not going to campaign for her here but my inner man tells me that she absolutely deserves the highest recognition that would have been accorded to any stateswoman.

Her show of hospitality and love defies the odds. She has a heart and soul of a mother. She understands the ordeals of these innocent girls and takes it upon herself to combine motherhood and a protective personality of a well-trained Police Officer. What we must learn from her good service is that you don’t have to have much to give but you have to take the responsibility of giving despite the little in your hand.  I am not saying that we can go on and giving spree to everyone standing idly on the street but I am encouraging us to have that golden heart of helping the needy. You don’t have to be a tycoon or business oligarch to do certain act of kindness; you just need to have the heart, the feelings, the love and the in-born ability to be human. Regina Louren did not wait to have an empire for her to accommodate these girls threatened by forced marriage. She didn’t wait to be a millionaire and she didn’t wait to have food the size that only WFP manages to give to the hungry.

She is a pure example of a South Sudanese Mother. She embodies the unity, care and great love for the country. We all owe this mother, a Police Officer and a good Samaritan utmost respect and honor for her altruism and generosity. She has taught us that we can still achieve the country we dream of. The world may not know her but God knows her better. I have to give a thumbs-up; she is a professional police woman judging from her own words.

“First challenge I have is to accommodate these children. At first the children were hosted inside the police station but it was really a danger for them as they could be exposed to more sexual violence. I therefore decided to bring them to my own shelter,” she said.

She has good sense of judgment. She instinctively realized that keeping these children at the police station could expose them to a greater danger. Even she could not entrust these vulnerable children to her male colleagues in uniform.      

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