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After witchcraft, false evangelization must be cracked down

By Opio Jackson

When one speak of religion of the world, spontaneously one thinks of Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the so-called Traditional religion in different parts of the world.

There are three stages in the history of mission in Africa, the first five centuries of Christianity:  in North Africa, Egypt and Ethiopia, the modern period between the 16th and 18 centuries and the 19th and 20th centuries of missionaries’ expansion

There were several reasons why Christianity was introduced to Africans but the most important one was to put an end to ancient pagan practices.

Nevertheless, among all religions it is only the Christianity that has been invaded by false prophets and pastors. You will never find a false prophet neither Islam nor Hinduism. Across Africa and South Sudan in particular there has been a rise in false preaching.

Today in Juba there are many churches that have been formed with the pretext to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God. But in reality they are spreading the Kingdom of devils.

Witch doctors and false preachers serve the same master. It is good news that about four witch doctors have been arrested by the police for practicing witchcraft in Juba’s Mauna Residential area.

According to the report, they were found offering services to their clients. Their tools including pots, goats’ skins and local made dolls and skulls of animals they used for inducing clients were all confiscated.

The residents accused the witch doctors of causing insecurity, acquiring money by deceit and collaborating with criminal gangs in residential areas as well as using magic to separate married couples.

After having completed with the witchcrafts in Juba the government should now turn it’s shorn on the false churches that are spreading the Kingdom of devils.  It is true that there are some preachers who claim to have a possibility to provide solutions to all problems of mankind including the power to treat unproductive woman to conceive, promotion at work places etc.  These self-claimed pastors must equally be investigated by the government department of religious affairs.

According to the interview with the Directorate for religious affairs in 2016 there were less than ten registered churches operating in Juba. This means that most of the churches are operating illegally as they have not been recognized.

Therefore, the government needs to find out which churches are serving the right purpose since some hungry and brash people in search for money had majesty hijacked evangelization’s aim. Today, this form of evangelism is prevailing in the smallest and the most remote corners Juba. It acts to pull money from the congregation instead of winning lost souls for Christ

Even the traditional religion by all mean is better than the false churches operating in Juba.




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