AfroBasket 2021: South Sudan needs a win to progress

By Tereza Jeremiah

The South Sudan National Basketball needs a win to progress to the next stage in ongoing FIBA AfroBasket 2021 competition after the team were awarded a walk-over victory and 20 points.

On Wednesday, FIBA canceled the game between Cameroon and South Sudan due to COVID-19 protocols.

Without divulging details, a statement from FIBA said the decision was taken because Cameroon “breached Covid-19 protocols” for Afrobasket competitions.

As a result, it was declared that the match would be counted as a “forfeit” for the Cameroonian national team.

South Sudan had been awarded a walk-over victory and 20 points.

The South Sudan’s team would be playing against Senegal who won on Ugandan team 93-55 in their next game on Friday.

“Although it was not South Sudan team’s needs, but most importantly, we need to at least get a win from the remaining games if we are to progress,” said Orom Mackmot, the South Sudan Basketball Federation Vice President.

However, Mackmot believed that it would be good if South Sudan team played their first game, it would give much morale.

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