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African swan-flu fever killed high rate of pigs in Bor

Pig laying in the mud

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Public Health department at Bor Municipal Council have reported that highest death rate of pig dies due to what is called African swan-flu fever contagious diseases in the capital Bor of Jonglei state.

David Garang Deng, the Director of Public Health at Bor Municipal Council said that the death of pig was reported last month when higher number of pigs were found dead in the street all over town.

He added that Municipal has disposed and community has also disposed the dead pigs in their area or blocks.

“In my office we have reported over hundred pigs which has been disposed and burn and the accurate number is really unknown and if you call the municipal, we are ready to dispose the dead pigs and there is no evidence that African Swan flu fever can affect human”. Said Garang

Meanwhile, Daniel Deng Alier the Field Assistant at Bor Veterinary Clinic (BVC) said that the State Ministry of Livestock and Fishery has issued circular directing all the pig owner and the municipal council to gather all the pigs in one place in order to be monitor and to be injected with the antibiotic is to reduce the high temperature in pig which cause the death of pig.

“African swan-flu was imported by pig’s owners from some countries such asSudan and Uganda which was not in existence here before. And the sign and symptom od swan-flu is the highest temperature of up-to 100 decree census and the swan-flu spread went the pigs gather in one place from one pig to another”. Said Deng

Daniel urged the people to be vigilant not to eat dead pig but to dispose the body of dead pig because the swan-flu might affect the people as well and urged the pig’s owners to isolates the affected pigs from the health in order to reduce the dead of pigs.

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