African solution will stop hostilities through dialogue. Well said by a committee formed by Pan African Parliament to look into the South Sudan conflict. It is a joint effort for all key players to give a hand where possible with one aim, to have peace restored in the country. The continental parliament is fully supporting the domesticated process, the National Dialogue. They have asked the conflicting parties to see reasons and give peace a chance. This move is applauded and accepted by the majority of the citizen who are longing for a lasting peaceful solution to the current stalemate. The recommendation of the parliament should be a forward move that would see all key players coming together to fulfil their expected obligations. The National Dialogue Steering committee are already working and part of the team have been dispatched to different localities. Although there are mixed reaction to the process with some doubting its ability for inclusivity and off intimidation, there are those who are prepared and waiting to air their views. The report covering nineteen pages came out with eleven point recommendations that would help shape the direction and destination of the peace process and added valued stability. This is what all of us wants. It is better to have many players with positive commitment so that the process could be finalized and the country move ahead with normalcy having been restored. Those out in refugee camps and those internally displaced are thirsty and hungry for normal life they would like to be free to participate in the development of this country if given a chance. Too much blood have been shed and loved one lost. It is the hope of those with goodwill to the country to steer it back into to once again, meaningful development activities. This is the wish of the common-man and the wish of people with honest agenda for peaceful solution, Pan African Parliament included.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


We converged to debate on an issue which had caught our attention in the media “Africa: Where journalists are killed with impunity” reported by AllAfrica. The news mentioned three country as the worst in the continent which included, Nigeria, South Sudan and Somalia. We could not find anything new or fresh information but still we went through the story. Critical analysis gave us the impression of an over-recycled information coming through a different channel but from the same source. True to the respect for the media industry and journalists world-wide. Some information when recycled too much turn out to be stale. There should be fresh information to carry the day and this is how the media can improve in, informing, educating and entertaining the readership with balanced and well researched news. We must agree that Africa is not in isolation or the countries mentioned, but facts will always remain facts and our friend SaPT would not be convinced otherwise. He remained adamant and to some extent, he was right. There is no country in the world that do not experience some internal problems. Right now our main problem is how to restore peace in the country, according to SaPT this is what should be given priority because there are hundreds of people who really want normal life back. The National Dialogue was the steering to wheel the process to its successful conclusion and this is what all should support. SaPT visited Eastern Lake State where the Governor and speaker of the State assembly have been summoned to appear before the Council of States for the arrest of some state members of parliament. This in itself is the rule of law enshrined in the constitution. SaPT argued that this was the way things should be done to find out the real reason(s) for arresting the honourable members of the State august house. The rule of law should not be applied selectively since the constitutions is supposed to ensure that all are equal in the “eyes of the law”. SaPT was convinced that with the on-going peace process the country will be able to apply the law as required by the law itself. It will of utmost importance for the governor to tell the country through the council what really took place which led to the arrest of the MPs in the State. SaPT was optimistic that time will tell before pointing accusing finger to any individual. It is the only civilized way to do things. Accurate and balanced information”.

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