Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

When the phone rang l was engrossed in a deep discussion with my boss who was telling me some facts which should go down my spine. It was my mistake that l got the dress-down in the morning. Someone had messed up the cause of the day by some reports. Let me live this for another day. The phone rang and could not reply to it although l knew who was calling. Ali Mambo from  Kenya Embassy had called and l had to return his call immediately l was free. Yes l was free and returned the call.  He said there was always a first time in life and that for the first time Kenya was going to seek votes to enable it be in one of the highest seat in the world under the UN Security Council. I congratulated him and wished his the best of lack during the vote seeking. It is going to be the battle of a life time with another country from the continent although Kenya fully endorsed by African Union. It should be appreciated and accepted that the win to the high UN seat would be advantage to the entire continent and would boost their participation on international security matters.  The domination of these seats by developed countries have been a thorn in the flesh for Africans who should be included at all cost. Having an African country in the deciding seat is equally advantageous in that matters concerning security that are directed to the continent can be heard and handled within the core of understanding and within the input of the continent’s member state. The support that Kenya should be given to reach this goal of getting to this seat should not be in any way questionable as it would be for the benefit and advantage to the whole continent. In many ways African have come together and have started talking with one voice. This is what had been lacking before as each individual went its own way to articulate its own agenda. Time has come that African leaders should know their actual worth by talking and handling their issues collectively. It has been done by other continents why not Africa. The journey to be among the top organs should not be derailed for whatever reason because it is long overdue and even those in the developed nations would want to work closely with the continent only if the interaction was worth the walk. For so long Africans have behaved like under-dogs in the face of the international community. It is time to come out and be what it really take to be from this continent which is full of natural resources. Let there be some commitments and drive that could take the continent far and beyond this can only be achieved when Africans realized that alone they cannot succeed but collectively they can. Time for that understanding and action is now.

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