African Express Airways to launch its second Nairobi-Juba flights

By James Atem Kuir

African Express Airways will start its second weekly flights between Juba and Nairobi and vice versa on the 24th of this month.

The Nairobi based aviation company started its first weekly flights to Juba amid the economic constraints brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic last year.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Sam Omondi the company commercial director said the second weekly Juba route eases delays for clients pursuing business activities between the two countries.

He explained how the African Express Airways ventured into operating flights between Nairobi and Juba at times when many other airline companies pulled out due to economic hardships as a result of Covid-19 preventive protocols that restricted travels.

“Officially, we started operating the Juba route on the 6th of November last year 2020. We’ve been flying to Juba every Friday although when we started, our projection was to do three flights a week into South Sudan, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays but because of low number passengers at that time, we opted to do one flight a week which Friday,” he said.

“And we are introducing the second flight to Juba on Sundays starting 24th of January, 2021,” he stated.

Sam Omondi adds that clients can also conveniently book tickets online through the company’s website besides the in-office booking.

“We try to be unique, it is not always about business, and we become friends with our clients. Like at times, we give clients the convenience of receiving tickets before paying and the date of travel, they come and pay at the counter. So, we normally save them the hustle of running up and down trying to book a ticket. Also, we have an online portal where whoever can excess it, can just go to our link, book and pay there. So, we always try to give our convenience and we become friends with our customers,” he said.

African Express Airways also operates flights between Somalia and Kenya among other internal and international flights in the region.

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