With the high speed that the Coronavirus is spreading in the world with high number of casualties included, nothing can be left to chance to ensure it was brought under control. Laboratory tests are being carried out but the possible treatment in the form of drugs or vaccine is yet to be announced. Interestingly some countries in the West are proposing that Africa should be the testing ground of these possible drugs or vaccine being produced or manufactured in their back-yards. Why Africa in the first place and why not in the West or Far East where the virus originated from. The African Union (AU) and African political leaders should stand their ground and say a big no to this proposal which has been equally rejected by the World Health Organization (WHO). The world health body’s stand is that no clinical or any other tests will be carried in Africa. Indeed this is what the continent should stand for and shout for so that the continent was not turned into a dumping ground with yet to be proved medicine for the coronavirus treatments. It should not be that anything for trial is directed is directed to Africa. It happened with HIV/AIDS and even Ebola which is considered predominantly Africa while it can still be found in other parts of the world. Trials with good intentions are welcomed but where there is some smoke there must be fire. This one of the coronavirus is not well intended and one can easily smell a rat. Let them try whatever their findings in their own countries and let them prove that it works then supply the same for use to other parts of the world instead of proposing ground trials in Africa. The West should treat the continent and its people as equal partners not otherwise.

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