Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I was talking to a friend who is privy to the continent socio-political affairs and who has remained firm like me that “Africa problems need Africa solutions” Not otherwise. My mind was rotating on the current regional issues between Ethiopia and Sudan. The Ethiopian government came out to categorically state their stand which bordered on peaceful solution to the problems. They equally stated their stand on the dam and the internal chaos in the Tigray region, the latter they said was an internal matter that did not need external solution. I have talked with people that matters in the political know-how. I am well aware that something has been going on that would soon yield peace between Ethiopia and Sudan. That something is being done by non other than President Salva Kiir Mayardit who not too far ago had brokered the Khartoum peace that brought the warring parties onto round table discussions and to a successful resolve. My political know-how tells me that delegations from here had visited both Addis Ababa and Khartoum with messages of peace from Juba. It is not easy to forget efforts President Kiir demonstrated before, during and after which led to the signing of permanent peace agreement in the country. He got an award for mediating the Sudan peace talks. It is possible that he can do it between Ethiopia and Sudan that will be a mark and a success story that African problems need Africa solution. That there are leaders in the continent that are able to help bring peace without relying on external hands from outside. This would be remarkable and since there are indications that Ethiopia and Sudan are willing to sit around the table and square out the differences; they should be encouraged and supported to do so. What we all want is peace and only with peace Africa can move forward. Ethiopia and Sudan are neighbours and what affect them also affect this country. Indeed this remarkable move should be supported by all peace loving countries in the region and the entire continent. But as our leaders embark in resolving the differences, they should not allow meddlers to divert their attentions from the real issue on the ground. The meddlers are many and found in different corners and come in all forms, sometimes as friends dangling goodies while others stand aloof like vultures’ waiting to pounce on their day’s catch. The honours of having your own solve your issues on a table and under one roof is the only way that enemies who do not want good for the continent can be kept at bay. The Ethiopia- Sudan expected peace talks should bring hope and lasting solution to the people of the two counties and the regional bloc who might be affected in one way or the other. The success will send a clear message to the world that Africa problem needs Africa solution.

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