The expected drop in the costs of housing in Juab if it happened will be a big relief to the residents. There are reports and indications that more houses are coming up with modern structures and amenities. It means the growth in economy and stability which are major components of a country’s development. There is no clear regulated cost of housing in the capital city and other towns in the country. What have been and still being applied are “man to man” negotiation and agreements which do not have legal stand or if any very lukewarm position in the real estate market. In every situation there must be someone leading the road to success. This time experts in the housing world are telling the public to be sure the costs will come down manageable and accessed by majority. This is what development is all about. It is not about who is leading what or who is in control of what. There must be truth to do what one is supposed to do willingly. With more affordable houses and the up-market and residential areas, the hotels currently being used as some of the residential points will be reverted to what they are meant for which is among others to accommodate guests including tourists who are the main source of revenue generation in the yet to be properly regulated industry.  It is a sign of development that majority will soon have shelter over their heads if the expected is put to reality and continue towards “housing for all” program. There is need to come up with properly planned program which will cover this bit and be able to accommodate small and medium occupants who have longed for this services time immemorial. Having experts talking about this possibility is an indication that something was being done to alleviate the shortage which has persisted for a long time now.

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