Adultery case left one dead in Panyagor

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The relatives of an adulterous man allegedly shot dead a man in Panyagor of former Greater Twic East County Jonglei State on Tuesday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Twic Central County Commissioner Dau Akoi Jurkuch said that the rightful spouse of the woman was killed by the relatives of the suspected adulterer.

Mr. Jurkuch explained that the suspect whom he described as the “intruder” was having sex with a married woman.

After the husband entered into the room he shot the suspect but as he was trying to report the case to the police, he was ambushed by the relatives of the suspect and was shot dead,” Jurkuch narrated.

However, the Commissioner said the adulterer survived the gunshot wounds on the head and abdomen, adding that the person who killed the woman’s husband was in custody at Panyagor police headquarters.

Jurkuch accused the relatives of the adulterer for intervening to support “wrong practices” in the community.

”It is unlawful to have sex with a married person and those who have acted in support of adultery act shall face the law,” he said.

He described the presence of guns in the hands of unauthorized people as a “serious destruction of the community,” saying it was big threat to the law.

”We need to learn some lessons because the act of adultery with a married woman is punishable by dead in most countries if you are found guilty. I am advising people to refrain from the act,” he stressed.

Mr. Jurkuch reiterated that even the Bible has made it clear that “Do not commit adultery.”

He urged citizens to observe the Ten Commandments of God.



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