Ador Community leadership takes oath of office

By John Agok

The Ador Youth Development Association (AYDA) leadership comprised of the Chairman, Secretary General and the finance officer on Saturday took oath of office in Juba after declaring them unopposed candidates from their respective positions.

While addressing the function, the chairman of Electoral committee (EC)  SamuelMajier who declared trio as winners after their respective rivals declined for not running with showcasing evidence documents that satisfied the community with convincing reasons beyond doubts.

Mr. Majier said that they have amicably complied with the constitution of the so-called AYDA that permitted them to endorse the candidates for becoming unopposed and this is the first of its kind to have such phenomenon in AYDA.

“I am so thankful to the community of Ador youth Development Association for turning up in large numbers to witness the inauguration of the three officials in Juba,” he said.

He revealed that there is no doubt from quarters who might have considered this process as illegal and unauthorized.

“I call upon my community to honor and respect the outlined process in transitioning the power of AYDA just to give service to our community,” he added.

Meanwhile, Gen. MarialChanuongYol who was the chief guest advised the youth to refrain from chaos and bring peace and reconciliation among themselves and with their neighbors as well.

“Let me advise you that, be a peace lover and reconcile among yourselves and your neighbors’ vicinity too and you will see success”, he said.

Gen. Chanuong urged youth to embrace peace and harmony that will ensue development and prosperity in the society.

“I appealed to all youthto be peace lovers and live-in harmony for peace and development to reign in their community,” he added.

This is the second time for AYDA to have its leadership sworn in Juba for the prosperity of Ador Community of Eastern part of Lakes state. 

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