Adongo Community demands a separate state

Adongo community of Boma state is demanding for a separate state to end the long political marginalization of its citizens.
The call came in a wake to support the decision taken by community leaders of five counties including; kings, youths and local chiefs in a letter addressed to the office of the President in June demanding a state of their own to end what they term as “unfair distribution of portfolios.”
Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Chairperson of Adongo Community in Juba, Joseph Akway Aballa said his community decided to support the idea of splitting Boma state into two administrative units to fulfill the demand of grassroot people.
He said Adongo Community had been experiencing many problems in the hands of Murle including political marginalization, humiliation, child abduction and invasion of its territories.
Akway said the government of Boma state lacks inclusivity and equal representation of others since five counties have only one executive position while tribes like Jie and Kachipo were not represented.
He said the manner in which Boma state government distribute portfolios and embezzlement of public funds, corruption and rampant killing of innocent people angered them hence making them demand for a separate state.
“The community is totally marginalized politically due to injustices, unfair distribution of portfolios, nepotism, embezzlement of public funds and humiliation of Anyuak people in Boma state government,” Akway said.
Akway continued that child abduction, cattle raiding and invasion of territories conducted by Murle youths is another problem making them demand for separate administration.
He said these human abuses, humiliation and nepotism of Anyuak community and other tribes of Jie and Kachipo were commonly reported to state government and nothing has been done to correct them.
Akway urged the county’s top leadership to rescue the marginalized communities by approving creation of the separate state to end their long suffering.
On his part Omot Odiel, the Secretary General of Adongo Community in Juba said there is need for Boma state government to show equal representation of its community in senior positions rather than for one tribe dominating in the government of the state.
“We the communities of Adongo are not happy with the way things are done in the state; you find that all the positions are given to one tribe. For example, the Governor’s post, Secretary General, Speaker and six (6) Ministries are owned by Murle while others are not. There is no justice here,” he said.
Odiel further claimed that staffs from five counties owned by Adongo community have never received their salaries for more than six months with an excuse that the money has been used in the recent conflict between Murle and Jonglei Youths.

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