A foot for thought

Administration of Juba Teaching Hospital should improve cleanness

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday I went to Juba Teaching Hospital to visit a sick person; I took part in the process of taking the patient to the doctors and in the diagnosing room. Those who were on duty including doctors were cooperative compared to those years. There is much improvement in the hospital with the new buildings constructed by the Chinese government.

What was lacking and needed more improvement is the issue of cleaning. I moved around, the surrounding inside and outside the fence cannot reflect the image of the hospital as the biggest government hospital in the country. Juba Teaching Hospital is one of the first government hospitals before independence of South Sudan. Its facilities are supposed to be better than any other facilities in the hospitals.

It is also a hospital for training health personnel in the country, which is happening during those years up to now. Many health personnel got their training and some of them become doctors in Juba Teaching Hospital and elsewhere. It should supply drugs to patients with prices less than private hospitals or free.

Generally, if you want to see the suffering of people, go to the hospital and prisons. These are the places where people suffer with different diseases and problems. As a human being you should not say one day you cannot go to the hospital, and cannot fall sick. It is human nature and some diseases affect people due to biological changes in the bodies which nobody could avoid them.  What is needed is to clean the environment, so that you would not be affected with another disease in the process of taking treatment.

That is the meaning of being in the hospital and having adequate treatment. If the services of government hospital are good, many people would not go to private hospitals or clinics. The only thing is that the management of the hospital should employ more cleaners to keep environment clean always.

Those who are selling items outside the fence or near the main gate must clean their places from time to time on daily bases. Let us keep hospital clean so that the environment remains clean to reduce diseases.

May God bless us all.

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