Adjumani grenadeexplosion survivors referred to Kampala

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

The five survivors ofgrenadeexplosion that killed six children in Maaji refugeecamp,Adjumani district last weekhave been referred to Kampala for further medication.

Taban Peter Data, Adjumani Residence District Commissioner told Juba Monitor in an interview.

He said the six children were among the eleven children who were playing in a yard.

Taban called on the locals not to allow their children to go to nearby bushes hence warned them to advice kids from picking objects that they come across.

He further warned the kids against picking and collecting things by the road side which they don’t know.

Taban said preliminary investigation indicates that the exploded ordinance was dropped in the area during the Lord’sResistance Army (LRA) insurgency.

He said a team have reached the ground to carry their research at the scene of the explosion.

Taban further urged refugees not to move and occupy areas that are not designated to them by the local authorities.

According to an eye witness, the children hit on the object which made it to explode killing them at spot.

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