Editorial 16th April 2018


The administration of Juba University should do something about the current condition of students’ hostels. The condition is sickening and should not be associated with high learning institution of Juba University’s status. It is not because of the current economic situation that hostels and part of the institution has remained in a deplorable condition that requires urgent attention and remedy. This is the centre which is producing the country’s managers and manpower needed for present and future developments. It has to live by example of a well drilled and disciplined background. That some students have been complaining of the existing condition with little if any results. The administration should not keep quiet as if they do not know the condition of these hostels which are accommodating majority of students admitted for different courses. Let there be order and let the administration take upon themselves the duty and responsibilities of seeking for funds to facelift these shortfalls. It is the only way that they the students can enjoy their studies under the acceptable background. There have been good Samaritans outside there who have contributed to the continued well-being of their university in one way or another, could they not come to the aid of the institution at this time to help in up-grading or face-changing the hostels. The toilets, bathrooms and the general conditions of the buildings need to be addressed and addressed immediately. It will be to the benefit of the students if the institution’s administration took note of this fact. Yes the country is faced with high-tap of inflation and many pockets are not behaving so friendly, but this cannot be a reason enough to ignore one’s calling of duty. The Juba University administration must address the issues of students’ hostels immediately. It is the only way they can prove to the country that they are caring.

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