Editorial 21th May 2018

Will hopes accompanying delegation to Addis Ababa bear fruits? When can one people one nation sit down and agree on matters of national interests, which go further for the interests of the citizenry? People who went to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for peace talks seem to have hit the end. There is nothing positive that seems to be coming out of the talks. It should be noted that there had been anxiety and expectation far beyond. It seems that the country will have to do with the domesticated peace process through the National Dialogue. It seems as President Salva Kiir had seen far into the impending slow pace of the external process and initiated the National Dialogue to reach all and sundries both at home and abroad. The warring parties have not made it any better for the process to take any meaningful direction. There have been too much criss-crossing in and out with little results if any but with too much expenditures from within and outside friendly support. It will be ideal to follow one path to peace restoration. This is why the National Dialogue should be harmonized for this very cause. It cannot be wished or washed under the carpet because people have suffered enough and were longing for everlasting peace. They want development of their own shelters, food security, and education for their children and improve their status in life. It hurts and will remain hurting that to know that those who are in the Ethiopian capital were not near any tangible agreement and all hopes have been dashed to naught. Indeed the second phase of the talks was seen as the possible throughway to understanding and peace settlement for now and forever. It was seen as the beginning of a thousand miles ready to be covered to the positive conclusion. The way things are it seems like a bad dream come true. What next. Only National Dialogue will be a solution to peace restoration.


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