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ADB donates ICT Equipment to the National Revenue Authority

The officials from the NRA and the Ministry of Finance showcasing three donated equipment at the NRA offices (Photo by Morris Dogga)

By Morris Dogga

The African Development Bank (ADB) has donated a number of Information Communications Technology (ICT) assorted items to the national revenue authority to support effective mobilization of Non-Oil Revenues.

The items included 14 Lenovo laptops, 11 desktops, three heavy duty scanners, Samsung screen touch television sets; conference speakerphones UPS and printers among others.

Dr. Anei Mangong Anei, the chairman of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) board of directors said the equipment would help the Revenue Authority in effecting the collection of Non-oil revenue.

“We are very grateful for the support to the national revenue authority…..This is to ensure that we are going to move forward in establishing the national revenue authority,” he said.

“We hope that with this equipment the NRA will be able to do its work efficiently and effectively,” said Anei.

Luiza Deng an official in the department of planning in the Ministry of Finance said the Ministry was working very hard to ensure the NRA was fully established.

She explained that the equipment were part of the project to support the operations of the National Revenue Authority

“We will continue in partnership to make sure that the national revenue Authority is operational,” she said.

Deadline for establishment of the NRA:

The National Revenue Authority was established as part of the reforms in chapter 4 of the 2015 peace agreement.

It is tasked to ensure that all revenues are remitted to a “single treasury account,” and expenditures are conducted in accordance with the law and budget.

The NRA was also mandated to assess, collect, administrate and enforce laws relating to taxation and revenues.

The Commissioner General Dr. Olympio Attipoe has revealed that the NRA would be fully functioning in 18 months’ time.

“We have a timeline to deliver the full operations of the National Revenue Authority. We believe that within 18 months, we will have full operations of the revenue authority.”

With the 18 months period Dr. Attipoe said “we can bring all the revenue collection agencies on board, making sure that we have a single treasury account and select appropriate banks to make sure that they collect the revenue on behalf of the government.”

“Within the eighteen months we have a full structure; we have the full components of the structure that we need to carry on the process,” said.





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