Activists urged to cooperate

Sebit Ernest, Executive Director of the Institute for Development of Civil Society Organization (IDCS)

By David Mono Danga

The Executive Director of the Institute for Development of Civil Society Organization (IDCS), Sebit Ernest said there is need for civil society organizations in the country to come together and work to achieve their goals.

“We need to promote coordination among us by coming together and working for common goals since we are doing the same thing,” Ernest said.

Ernest made the statement in an exclusive interview with Juba Montior yesterday during the second day of the Forum for Peace and Daiolgue yesterday.

He called on the national organizations to work together to share ideas that can provide concrete solutions to the problems facing the citizens, saying there was no need for the national organizations to compete among them.

Mr. Ernest said the forum aims to combat polarization and stereotypes to improve understanding and cooperation among CSOs leaders, academicians and government officials and also to increase the involvement of CSOs in the restoration of sustainable peace

Mrs. Melania Itto co-presented with Taban Charles John on the topic, “Promoting Women’s Participation in Public Affairs, Decision Making and National Dialogue Process.”

During her presentation, Mrs. Melania Itto, the Executive Director of Solidarity for Women’s Rights Association, said it is important for women to work together with their male counterparts to advocate for women empowerment.

She added that women should be  granted the participation in decision making as stipulated in the transitional constitution of South Sudan. “The women who are involved in decision making processes are not doing enough to protect women and girls against gender based violence”.

“The state must protect and empower women in the area of economics to avoid sexual exploitation,” she said. “Women are more vulnerable in times of economic crisis because they are easily exploited sexually,” Itto said.

She said there is need to put an end to the impunity, especially sexual violence, saying women in decision making positions should do more to handle cases of early marriages, rape and gender mainstreaming.

Meanwhile, Taban Charles John, the Assistant Director for Peace Building, Conflict Mitigation and Early Warning at South Sudan Peace and Reconciliation Commission said women have great and important roles to play in the ongoing peace process, saying women have the power to convince the stakeholders.

“Women have a great role to play in the ongoing peace process because of their persuasive nature,” Taban said.

“Women are very good at dialogue, mobilization and implementation of the decisions reached,” he added.

Taban said the commission is providing trainings for women and youths to equip them with basic skills in fish and vegetable businesses in Bor and Juba.



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