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Activists plea to leaders to use a holistic approach toward peace

Salva Kiir and Riak Machar

By Bida Elly David

An activist has urged leaders to focus on healing, reconciliation and truth as core values before the formation of a commission for truth, healing, and reconciliation as stated in chapter five of the agreement.

This came after the leadership had made a launch of public consultation on the establishment for the commission of truth, healing, and reconciliation centered more on reconciliation minus justice.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Edmund Yakani, the Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation said that transitional justice could not be established if consideration of truth, healing and reconciliation as keys values were not focused on.

‘’There is already a concern coming out from some politicians talking of establishment for the commission of truth, healing, and reconciliation minus justice. My concern is that chapter five of the revitalized agreement called on transitional justice based on three valid principles and values. You cannot have transitional justice if you don’t impress healing, reconciliation, and truth, compensation and liberation, accountability and justice. These values define chapter five of the agreement’’ Yakani said

Furthermore, he said that implementation of the chapter five agreement would only occur once done in a holistic approach, side by side through compensation operation manner through the hybrid court without delay.

He called on leaders to go for holistic transitional justice through a series of consultations to avoid contradiction that would later confuse the public on the real definition of the commission.

‘’We need to implement chapter five in a holistic manner. By holistic manner I mean, an establishment for the commission of truth, healing, and reconciliation should happen side by side with the compensation of the liberation authority, a hybrid court. You cannot delay one of the three mechanisms and go with the two. I appeal to all of us to go for transitional justice

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